havaianas store locations

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Even the marvels of Camden Market in London or Chatuckak Weekend Market in Bangkok cannot match. The souks can transport you to an exotic world that can only see in movies like Sex and the City 2 or Disney’s Aladdin. Souks are remarkably part of the Moroccan life in the event that you have not been to one, you have not seen Morocco!They are within the heart of the cities, busy with activity from buyers bargaining with vendors over their goods. And if you visit during night time, you will get to visit seasonal souks that offer more than just products to sell, like the Jamaa el Fna market in Marrakech. It is well known for its circus and acrobatic performances. Souks, in the same way as the Chatuchak Weekend Market, are separated into sections that specialize in different products and crafts.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

In fact, what you might get is an interrogation.

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havaianas store locations

“ You might be under the idea that non peak seasons are equal to crazy winds, rainy days, and plain bad weather, but that is really not the case. ”