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Merit Award – Interactive Digital Media One Show Award 2009. Sugar designed and fabricated the Havaianas VW MYOH Mobile Vehicle. From June 28th July 22nd, 2012 the Havaianas “MYOH Mobile Van” traveled from Santa Monica and Pasadena to the Sunset Strip and more, giving beachgoers and style setters access to the official footwear of the summer, right in their backyards. The MYOH Mobile Van also partnered with Drybar to offer complimentary MYOH to the first 10 blowouts of the day. Also, the MYOH Mobile Van was at VIP functions such as Mark the Cobra Snake’s Yard Sale. The MYOH Mobile Van was modeled after a retro VW Kombi van and exclusively featured “Make Your Own Havaianas,” allowing customers to express their own originality and style. “Make Your Own Havaianas” offered west coast residents the opportunity to customize their own color combinations with a choice of 10 different flip flop straps and bottoms to mix and match with over 20 different pins styles. Sugar brought Brazilian chic back to the Midwest with the return of the exclusive Havaianas Pop Up shop at North Avenue Beach in Chicago, IL. Sugar updated branding with new Havaianas signage and props. Sugar oversaw the Havaianas Pop Up Store open five days a week, June through September, 2012. The beach pop up exclusively featured “Make Your Own Havaianas”, the opportunity for consumers to customize their own color combinations mixing and matching different straps and bottoms which could be embellished with over 20 different pin styles.


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A cloud passed over the sun just then and Lorelei laughed and pointed and said, “Look!Look at that cloud!Isn’t it wonderful?It looks exactly like an elephant!” April 2011 The keys were where Lorelei had always left them, under a cracked plant pot behind a water pipe beneath the kitchen window.

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havaianas promo code 2017 uk

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