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The same applies for letting them explore the ship outside of your accommodation. Ultimately the responsibility is yours to decide if this sort of freedom is appropriate and safe for your child – don't assume that accidents can't happen just because they are confined to a ship. Be aware of restrictionsDifferent liners have different age restrictions and obviously this is something you need to check out before booking. Some will accept children of any age, others have a minimum of 3 6 months and others even advise parents to wait until children are 2 years and above before travelling. There may also be age limits on kids clubs, onboard babysitting services and shore excursions so read all of the small print and pick a liner that will best suit the whole family. It is also worth remembering that many cruise liners will not allow swim diapers in their pools due to limited filtering systems and not all cabins have bath tubs which may pose problems for babies and toddlers. Don't overdo itThe choice of activities onboard a cruise liner and the excursions available on shore can often be overwhelming and when you're on vacation you want to make the most of every opportunity. Family friendly cruise liners such as Disney and Carnival offer everything from live shows to competitive sports to art classes and it's great to let your kids try something new and even participate in family activities – after all that's what a vacation is all about. But overdoing it can leave you with exhausted, grumpy and difficult children so try and incorporate some down time into their day and stick to a flexible routine where possible – even if that just means eating dinner or taking a nap at the same time each day. Although it's great to explore different ports, utilizing time on the ship during the quiet periods when other passengers are on shore can give your kids the opportunity to have the ships facilities all to themselves. Pack wiselyPrepare to have a lot of luggage.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

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havaianas gold slim flip flops

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